Cooking workshops in the centre of Amsterdam

The cooking workshops in the Amsterdam Cooking School are under the expert leadership of experienced and passionate chefs with a broad culinary background and years of experience. They will teach you and your group how to ‘make great food’ using seasonal projects. Reservations can be made with a minimum of 8 people or if you prefer register for the individual cooking workshops. The REQUEST form can be found at the bottom of the page.

Our work methods during a cooking workshop:

Personal conversation
In a personal telephone conversation, we will discuss your wishes and ideas and create a workshop made to measure.

With a festive aperitif and surprising snack the workshop begins.

The manner of working and the planning for the workshop are clearly and concisely explained.

Getting to work
Working in groups the courses of the menu are prepared using the recipes and instruction by the chef.

Sitting at the table together enjoying and discussing the menu you have prepared together while enjoying an excellent glass of wine.

Cooking workshops for individuals

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Our Cooking Workshops in Amsterdam

Excluding drinks

NEW! Kenyan

By Kenyan Chef; Kenya’s ethnic diversity comes with a vibrant culture which includes 42 different ethnic tribes. These ethnic tribes contribute greatly to the tasty, authentic Kenyan culinary. We call this ‘chakula’ which means ‘meal or food’ in Swahili. Kenyan ‘chakula’ is a celebration of rich, fresh, tasty ingredients passed from decades of generations. It is bold and satisfying, rich and textural and uses a whole palette of flavors, it promises great reminiscences, it is mouth-watering, tasty and addictive. Don’t be shy to lick your plate after you have devoured your ‘chakula’ to the last savored bite! .

€ 59,50 p.p.


The very best offered by Dutch cuisine. Cooking with the best products of the season. Preparing a delicious four-course dinner.

€ 59,50 p.p.


Everything with pasta and endless other delicacies. Italian cuisine with all of its wonderful diversity and including a surprising dessert!

€ 59,50 p.p.


All of the secrets of the Thai kitchen are revealed. With only the very best combinations of sweet, sour and spicy resulting in an amazing array of food.

€ 59,50 p.p.


From Tapas to Pincho’s: delicious tapas and pincho’s with a mix of meat, fish and vegetarian dishes. Leaving you able to surprise the guests at your next party.

€ 59,50 p.p.


Classic French dishes just like in the best bistro’s of Paris.

€ 59,50 p.p.


Surprising combinations with grains, nuts, vegetables and fruit.

€ 59,50 p.p.


Complete rice table with ultimate sate.

€ 59,50 p.p.


A complete four-course dinner based on 11 different types of croquettes. Become the King or Queen of Croquettes and learn for yourself how to make various delicious croquettes on your own. The ideal workshop for team building.

€67,50 p.p.


Aphrodite? Can chocolate make you happy? During the chocolate cooking workshop you will find out! We only work with chocolate of the very best quality! Learn how to make the most amazing and scrumptious desserts.

€59,50 p.p.


Learn how to make the very best sushi yourself!

€69,50 p.p.


What are the most delicious secretes of the bakery? During the Pastry cooking workshop you will find out! Learn how to make and bake cupcakes, cakes, madeleines, macaroons and other chocolate delights! The perfect workshop for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

€59,50 p.p.


Discover the wonderfully delicious Vietnamese kitchen. From noodle soups. Spring rolls to amazing dishes with meat and fish.

€59,50 p.p.

Cocktail Workshop

An all-inclusive Cocktail Workshop in which three different cocktails are made. During the workshop there will be for example a Mojito, a Cosmopolitan and a cocktail of your own design!

€ 32,50 p.p.

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